For nearly 20 years, Michelle’s production journey has provided insight through the lens of every department. A native of Miami and a fluent Spanish speaker, growing up in such a vibrant hometown helped to mold Michelle’s experiences, ranging from commercials to live events on an international scale with her proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean. She’s overseen campaigns for clients including MLB, McDonald’s, Victoria’s Secret, NIKE, META, Gatorade and T-Mobile, among others, in venues ranging from studio sets to the Super Bowl. Michelle is forever grateful to represent a production community that mirrors her city’s charm and diversity. From budget to broadcast and everything in between, Michelle’s attention to detail allows her to assemble the right personalities for any challenge, then oversee them flawlessly.


Nintendo “Masahiro Tanaka”
Director :: Yoshihiro Mori
Prod Co :: Quark, Tokyo
Location :: Orlando, FL
Uninterrupted “LeBron James” (VR)
Director  ::  Felix & Paul
Prod Co  :: Sailor Productions, Montreal
Location :: Miami, FL
Gatorade : “Sisters in Sweat” ft. Serena Williams
Director : Jaci Judelson
Prod Co : Tool of North America, LA
Location : Miami, FL