Seagrams “Who Decides?”
Director  ::  Nacho Gayan
Prod Co  ::  Agosto, Barcelona
Location ::  New York, NY
A2K “Teaser”
Director  ::  JY Park
Prod Co  ::  Republic Records, New York / JYP Entertainment, Seoul
Locations ::  Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York
KIA “Holiday Joyride”
Director :: Factory Fifteen
Prod Co :: Nexus Studios, London
Location :: Memphis, TN
LEGO “Rebuild The World”
Director :: Coral Brown
Prod Co :: We Are Social, London
Location :: New York, NY
Mango "Leandra Medine"
Director :: Tomas Pena
Prod Co :: Canada, Barcelona
Location :: New York, NY
Arla "Feed Your Drive"
Director :: Emily Maye
Prod Co :: You Are Here, London
Location :: Los Angeles, CA
TikTok “Challenges, Duets and Performance”
Director ::  Zac Ella
Prod Co  ::  Agile Films, London
Location ::  Los Angeles
Toyota Corolla Altis "This is My Excitement"
Director  ::  Awiroot Paiboonattakit
Prod Co  ::  Gumxie Ltd., Bangkok
Location  ::  Los Angeles, CA + Palm Springs, CA
Toshiba “Grand Central”
Director  :: Makoto Hirano
Prod Co  :: Wasa Be, Tokyo
Location  :: New York, NY
Fox Premium “Who?”
Director ::  Nacho Gayan
Prod Co  ::  Agosto, Barcelona
Location  ::  Austin, TX
Toyota Camry “Dreaming”
Director :: Kaoru Haga
Prod Co :: Wasa Be, Tokyo
Location :: San Francisco, CA