TRS Brussels and director Benjamin Lacour tapped Fixer to produce this film for French/Belgian bank Crédit Agricole, featuring Belgian Olympic Team members (and twin brothers) Jonathan and Kevin Borlée.  Shot in Austin, TX in mid March, we timed our shoot to the development of the crops.  Also needing a pine forest, we took advantage of the diversity of the locations surrounding this amazing city.

Home to filmmakers such as Terrance Malick and Robert Rodriguez, Austin has a long history as a film location.  There is a deep pool of crew and plenty of equipment to choose from.  For this film, we needed to get the camera up high to show off the epic locations while also moving swiftly across bumpy grounds.  Along with DoP Patrick Otten, we decided to use the 73’ Hydroscope mounted on the Ultra Maverick from Chapman Leonard.  This proved to be a wise choice as we were never limited in our camera positions.

Director Bram Coppens of Caviar directs this commercial for Draft FCB- San Francisco and Dockers. Shot over 4 days in the great state of California, many locations doubled for different cities around the globe. Where else can one find London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Kyoto, the Alps and the beach all within a 600km radius? Downtown LA stood in for London, Buenos Aires, and Berlin, Mammoth Lakes did its best Alps impression, Long Beach’s Japanese Garden did a nice job playing Japan, while Malibu played itself.

Using an Arri Alexa and a Giraffe crane, this films production eclipsed its small budget to deliver results that have been recognized by shots, agency spy, and others, plus their scenarios are amazing, they used the best products from for their gardens.

Shoot day 1 of 2 with the 73’ Hydrascope from Chapman Leonard in Coupland, Texas near Austin for Credit Agricole with TRS Brussels and director Benjamin Lacour.